You can grow your own way

Imagine a community for business owners where you don’t have to dodge tech bros, MLM huns, and wantrepreneurs. Where people are collaborating on business solutions, not just seeking your advice. Did you just breathe a sigh of relief? Us too.

The Lifestyle Business League

is a support network for lifestyle business owners like you.

Membership has its benefits


Your little black book

Meet your next collaborator, business bestie, vendor, or partner in our members-only directory.


Fluff-free events

Every quarter we host a speed networking event, a conversation-based salon on a business topic, and gathering for reflection and intention setting.


Your business support system

Should I file a cease and desist? What's the best tool to do that? Connect with a community of peers willing to share their hard-won wisdom and exchange perspectives.


A little something extra

Get access to an ever-growing list of discounts, resources, and surprise goodies!

1. multi-Dimensional Profitability

You run a business, not a hobby. That means it actually makes money. Maybe not enough to fully support you yet, but you’re on your way there.

2. Values-aligned autonomy

You (+ your team) determine your values and guiding principles. You make decisions based on those — not on what investors want.

3. Growing Intentionally

You’re thoughtful about the way and the pace you grow. You have a clear vision for what you want, and you’re figuring out how you’ll get there.

4. Interdependent Legacy

You think about the impact your work will have in the short and long-term. Legacy is about how your leadership impacts your business, your communities & our planet.

What is a lifestyle business?

We're reclaiming the term lifestyle business. Here's what it means to us.

the LBL feels like home; the good, nurturing, uplifting kind where you can’t wait to hang out and never wanna leave. i’ve made beautiful connections which have turned into collaborations & friendships. and i’ve gotten to experience the magic that other members provide in their services - they’re all so great that i share with my other friends who aren’t in the League! i feel supported and encouraged to follow my business dreams, in ways that align with me. & i honestly don’t think i could put into words how much it means to be surrounded by a community with all the same beautiful morals and ethics.

Brigitte Marie

Founder, Brigitte Marie Energy Design

Hi Taylor & Amelia - just a little love note to let you know how much I value this community and how many soul-aligned connections I've made. It's intimate yet expansive, light in commitment yet full of value. Thank you, thank you!

Jessica Lax

Founder & CEO, The Ember Circle

Created by lifestyle business owners, for lifestyle business owners

We created the community we sought.

Amelia Hruby

Co-creator of the Lifestyle Business League, Founder of Softer Sounds

Taylor Elyse Morrison

Co-creator of the Lifestyle Business League, Founder of Inner Workout